Breakfast around the world

One of the reasons why we’re constantly skipping is breakfast is because we feel like there’s not many options out there for breakfast anymore. Sometimes it feels like it’s the usual toast, eggs, smoothie, yoghurt etc and even if they can be made in 50 different ways (refer here for avocado galore) If we were all eating the same ingredients every morning, it would become a bit dull. That’s why for this post we have decided to post the various types of cultural breakfasts to get your mouth watering and stomach eager to try these diverse breakfast options!


Chinese breakfasts

These normally consists of congee (a rice/porridge) with various toppings, accompanied by a side of chinese fried breadsticks. In China, dim sum is also a common option of breakfasts as well as various dumplings, stir fried noodles, meat buns, soy bean milk, egg pancakes and more. Their breakfasts can be considered a bit more on the heavy side compared to Western breakfasts but they are extremely filling and can definitely satisfy your stomach until lunch time!

p1160741-japanese-breakfastJapanese breakfasts

Japan is known for their ‘cuteness’ so it’s no doubt that they’re breakfasts are served immaculately and cutely! A normal breakfast will often consists of a range of different dishes such as steamed rice, miso soup, fermented soy beans (natto), seaweed, rolled omelettes, broiled fish, pickled vegetables and more. Many westerners may not be able to adjust to fish and rice as it is more common during dinner time but these japanese breakfasts provide lots of nutrients to get you through the day!


Italian breakfasts

Italian breakfasts normally consists of an expresso or cappuccino with some form of sweet pastry such as a cornetto which is a similar version of a croissant except it is filled with cream, jam or chocolate. This is the most traditional form of breakfast but each region actually has their own form of breakfast! I know many people will not be used to a sweet breakfast but I’m sure there’s not harm in trying once right?

ulster fry
Northern Irish breakfasts

The national morning dish is known as an Ulster Fry which mainly consists of bacon, black pudding, friend tomatoes and bread, soda breakd, potato bread and eggs accompanied with a glass of juice. Sounds quite similar to a typical International breakfast!

moco loco

Hawaiian breakfasts

The local favourite breakfast of Hawaii is the Loco Moco which includes eggs with some form of meat with rice and gravy! Fruit is also a must (we all need those vitamins) in this sunny country!

So tell us, which cultural breakfast do you want to try the most? Do you have any cultural breakfasts that you eat/eaten?


5 thoughts on “Breakfast around the world

  1. I’m a real food lover and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although I live in China and crave a lot of baozi (Chinese steamed dumplings stuffed with veggies and pork), I love Italian style as well – a simple croissant with latte always wake me up 🙂

    • Being Chinese myself, I simply adore the traditional Chinese breakfasts as well! But growing up and living in Australia has definitely adjusted my breakfast diet towards the Western style 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. I’ve got a massive sweet tooth, so it’d have to be the Italian breakfast for me. One of my favourite breakfasts I’ve ever had was while I was in Vietnam at the markets and there was a street vendor selling what essentially turned out to be donut balls on a skewer – they were rolled in sugar and tasted kind of like coconut…it was fantastic!

    • That sounds delicious! Asia definitely has a lot of fast and mouthwatering breakfasts on the streets as they’re such a fast paced country! I do agree Italian breakfasts are absolutely amazing as well..mmmm coffee and croissants…

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