Breakfast for thought

Have you been trying to eat breakfast more often after all the information and breakfast ideas we have given out now? To start off your morning we’ve gathered some fun facts for you to read whilst eating in the morning!

  • Kellogg’s Cornflakes were the first breakfast cereal on the moon
  • The first breakfast cereal was made in 1863 and required soaking overnight for it to be chewable
  • Research has shown that breakfast cereals are the leading source of iron and Vitamin B as well as the provider of 10% of fibre for young people
  • Research has also shown that kids who eat breakfast have healthier weights and memory when compared to those that don’t eat breakfast.
  • Eating breakfast actually boosts your metabolism. If you skip breakfast, your body believes that you need to conserve energy because of the lack of nutrition which slows your metabolism down.
  • Cereal is the number one food bought in supermarkets in America
  • Breakfast are a important meal occasion on the weekend as 16% of the population eat a cooked breakfast compared to 4% during the week.
  • Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, 10 – 33% of the population regularly miss out
  • Breakfast should ideally provide between one quarter and one third of your daily calorie needs – women need 2500 calories per day and men, 3000.

Do you guys have any other interesting facts about breakfast? If so, let us know by commenting below!

Before we leave we’ve got another fun breakfast recipe – Egg Volcanoes!



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