Those luxurious breakfast…

A reason why many skip breakfast is because they desire for those luxurious, delicious and beautifully presented breakfast in the morning that they are unable to make in the mornings when they are in a rush. This post will remind us of all the tasty types of breakfast out there that we can have fun making on the weekends or if you have enough time, on the weekdays as well!

  • Pancakes/Waffles
    Who can refuse the fluffiness and the sweetness of the maple syrup? Whether you’re making them from scratch (which is actually super easy) or from the pre-made batter, this will be a sure hit with family and friends in the morning!
  • Image
  • Big breakfast (read bacon, eggs, mushrooms, toast, tomatoes etc)
    The smell of the bacon will be the ultimate wake up call. If you’ve had a big night the night before this will surely comfort any uneasiness or headaches 😉
  • Any form of cooked eggs
    The amount of ways you can eat eggs for breakfast is just unbelievable. Baked eggs, eggs benedict, scrambled eggs etc are so tasty and you can go crazy with the ways you want to make it as well.
  • Bake your own muffins/bagels
    Obviously on the weekends if you have time to spend in the morning, bake yourself some healthy muffins and bagels such as banana muffins. The satisfaction you get after baking successfully is a money can’t buy feeling!

Check out this site for more in depth recipes and breakfast ideas

So tell me readers, what are some breakfasts that you love but can take a significant amount of time to make? Do you have any cultural forms of breakfast as wells?


2 thoughts on “Those luxurious breakfast…

  1. Yes thats so true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! What a great cause, I know for a fact that many people in my life skip breakfast almost every day. I can’t even imagine, I love brekky so much that sometimes I even eat it for dinner 🙂
    Check out my blog and let me know what you think!
    Did you know that Binge Eating can be caused by something as small as skipping breakfast for the day.
    Amanda (

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